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The Consultant Planner

The features of the Consultant Planner are so fun that I highly recommend that everyone accesses for themselves then they can use it to help others. To find it go to the drop down arrow on the upper right of your Family Tree page where it says "Get Help". Select "Consultant Planner". The Web link is below (you will be required to sign in):

Consultant Planner

 This is what you will see:

You will want to Invite yourself first by clicking on the blue "Invite Person" button and following the steps. (You can now use your stake directory to complete the steps.) You will have to accept the invite by going to your email. If it doesn't show up look in your junk/spam folder.

Now enjoy the wonderful features it provides for your tree. This is mine:

My Favorite Features:

1. The ability to evaluate someone's tree before you meet with them.
2. That the living people have been kept private so the Consultant can't see them.
3. Being able to see Recent Activity…

LDS FIND TAKE TEACH 2-Finding New Families

Here are links to my Find Take Teach 2-Finding New Families PowerPoint PDF and Handout:

FIND TAKE TEACH 2-Finding New Families-PowerPoint  (Download to use)

FIND TAKE TEACH 2-Finding New Families-PowerPoint PDF

FIND TAKE TEACH 2-Finding New Families HANDOUT

Eternal Reminder

In 2015 our stake accepted an area challenge for every ward member to find a name to take to the temple. The catch was that we had only 6 weeks to complete the challenge, which naturally was during the busy months of November and December. I had 16 new Family History Specialists to train in one Sunday so they could help with the challenge. I developed Find Take Teach 1 in two days with a lot of divine inspiration. We were greatly blessed and we met the challenge with wonderful success with a 42% submission rate. Find Take Teach 1 has essentially stayed the same.

On the other hand, Find Take Teach 2-Finding New Families took a year to develop. I kept trying to do it the FamilySearch way but it was just too hard for a b…

LDS FIND TAKE TEACH 1-Finding Temple Names

Here are links to my PowerPoint on a streamlined method I call "Find Take Teach 1-Finding Temple Names" and it's handout:




FIND TAKE TEACH 1 FamilySearch Tree App PDF

Eternal Reminder



I recommend using FIND TAKE TEACH 1 for those who are beginners in Family History or beginners in using Family Tree. It is effective at introducing people to family history and Family Tree in a successful and motivating way. They are able to find names to take to the temple in an simple, organized and repeatable way. If their trees have been gleaned of green temple already don't despair, move on to Find Take Teach 2.

I have added instruction about using the FamilySearch App. It is fun, easy and fast! Try it! You will love!

1. There simply so many possibilities with a full or partial Tree.

2. The 110 Year Rule-An individual must receive permission from …

Discovering the Story of Your UTAH PIONEERS

Here is the PowerPoint from my Pioneer Class. I couldn't cover all of the wonderful things that are available so I will refer you to the links listed in below.

Discovering Your Utah Pioneers PowerPoint PDF

What is a Utah Pioneer?

Awesome Utah Pioneer Internet Links

Summary of the 10 Handcart Companies

Temple Ordinance Chronology Charts

Bringing Your Utah Pioneer Legacy to Life

The Sons of the Utah Pioneers has a beautiful and amazing magazine the I highly recommend everyone subscribe to receive. The SUP link will take you there. You will not be sorry.

If you are interested in learning more about Daughters of Utah Pioneers (DUP), you can explore the DUP Website or see where there are "Camps" in your area here.

If you are in the Mesa, AZ area you can contact me at about joining camps in this area. I have served on Company Boards and Local Camps as the historian for most of the 19 years I have been a member.

After viewing the PowerPoint and learning how to…

Bringing Your Utah Pioneer Legacy to Life

Bringing Your Pioneer Legacy to Life by Peggy Ash (From DUP Jubilee April 2005)

            I was asked to share some ideas on “Bringing Our Legacy to Life”. The last couple of years I have been focusing on sharing our family’s legacy with my children.  It’s not always easy.  I have two teenagers and an eleven year old which can be a tough crowd to please.  I want them to enjoy family history, not roll their eyes when they see it coming.  From General Conference yesterday I liked Elder Ballard’s story about his friend who was trying to teach a colt to follow a lead rope.  The more he tugged on the rope the more the colt dug in his heels until finally it fell over.  After repeatedly trying the same thing with the same results he concluded that he had done a good job of training the colt to fall over.  His wife suggested that he loop the lead rope around the colt and let go, then walk beside the colt.  It worked beautifully.  It is human nature to resist or resent something we are forced t…

The 10 Handcart Utah Pioneer Companies


Temple Ordinance Chronology Charts-Utah Pioneer Interest

The availability of temples and the ordinances performed there dramatically effected when our ancestors were able to perform different temple ordinances. If a pioneer couple was unable to be sealed before having children, it is another part of their story to find out when and where the family was finally able to be gathered and sealed as an eternal family unit.

Here are links to two Temple Chronology Charts that compliment each other:

Temple Chronology Chart 1

Temple Chronology Chart 2

Use these charts to determine when early latter-day temples (or pretemples) where dedicated/opened and which ordinances were performed during different time periods.

I have made a Temple Heritage Chart for my family. You can see an example here:

Peggy's Temple Heritage-Excel

Peggy's Temple Heritage-PDF


Who qualifies as a Utah Pioneer? Surprisingly, most people who came west before the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad on 10 May 1869 are considered to be Utah Pioneers. 
People may think they had to be LDS (Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, more commonly known as the Mormon Church) to be a Utah Pioneer but that would be untrue. The Daughters of Utah Pioneers have the particulars on their website but I have made a copy that is easier to follow that includes maps, the link is here: 
Pioneer Qualifications with Maps

Here is the text of the document without maps:

What is a Utah Pioneer?
Courtesy of the International Society of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers
A person who traveled to or through the geographic area covered by the State of Deseret/Utah Territory between July 1847 and 10 May 1869, such as,
Trappers and huntersFreightersMembers of wagon companies (Mormon or Non-Mormon)Members of Mormon Battalion who traveled to or through the geographi…